Mary's love of travel was born by reading National Geographic magazines avidly with her grandmother and learning to explore the world in her mind. Participating in a  study group that visited Rome, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam and London opened Mary's eyes to the many life-changing aspects of travel abroad and she knew she would maintain her wanderlust throughout her life.  

After years spent in interior design and publishing industries, Mary founded The Vagabond Travel Co. to create one-of-a-kind, life-changing travel experiences for others. Her careers in both design, lending a refined eye for style, architecture and decor, and publishing, fostering the ability to organize itineraries much like crafting a story, segued directly to her talents of curate remarkable journeys. Mary creates small group experiences and excursions to allow others to immerse themselves in the love of travel and discover the road less traveled with her as their knowledgeable expert and vagabond guide.

“The Vagabond Travel Company is a bit different from most. We don’t offer destinations everywhere, many times a year. What we do offer are carefully crafted itineraries, that are created by colleagues and friends, who are notable and highly qualified authorities in their fields. This brings you very exclusive opportunities in a small group and intimate atmosphere. In addition we are not stuffy and we have a ball! Lots of fun and adventure”


Vagabond's extensive travel around the globe results in meaningful connections that Mary makes with local experts during her time abroad.  Over the course of decades, Mary has built relationships with her team who provide detailed knowledge of the destinations, unparalleled access to truly unique experiences and a young, fresh eye on travel in their locales.  It is this team that continually works to ensure that Vagabond journeys are truly unique, of the moment and unforgettable.  


Philomena has lived and worked in London, Paris, Mexico City, Munich and Marrakech ,where she went on to found her internationally renowned Riad Mena and Beyond in 2014. She is also a Contributing Editor at New York Times’ T Magazine.

Philomena has been going to Marrakech since 2005 and brings a depth of knowledge about, and a passion for, the burgeoning scene to the Vagabond Travel Co, showing us the best this inspiring city has to offer.

In addition, in 2023 she will be hosting two of our trips to Marrakech. She is also involved in our itinerary development.

CLAIRE FOUCHE - Tastemaker

Claire is another one of our fabulous tastemakers. She designs some of our new and exciting itineraries and, in addition, hosts some of our trips to South Africa and Kenya.

Claire grew up between Africa and the British countryside. She started her career designing fine jewelry for Faberge in London but Africa beckoned and so, for the next few years, she split her time between London and Nairobi creating a collection of statement jewelry with local artisans. Claire has since procured the British luxury business Volga and spends at least a month a year in South Africa and Kenya- where amongst great friends, family and the dramatic wilderness, she feels most at home.


Cosmo Brockway is a leading international design and travel journalist and editor. He is a contributing editor for the World of Interiors and Architectural Digest India, as well as writing for AD US, Cabana and Milleaux. Cosmo travels the globe in search of unseen interiors and is a fantastic traveling companion and guide.


Gwen, known as the Makerista , is a modern traditionalist who is not afraid of color.  At her core she is a creator who strives to make beauty out of every situation. What began as a degree in music turned to a stint in fashion and has now become her sharing all that inspires and creates with her online audiences. Gwen and her contractor husband have been renovating and designing spaces for over a decade and they are now taking on their biggest project yet- a new build in the country that feels like it has always been there. When Gwen isn’t pouring herself into her faith, family, gardens or interiors, she is on the road thrifting. Gwen joins us on our antiquing trips in France and England.


Isabelle was born in Portugal and grew up in France. She now lives in Provence where 22 years ago she created an International Hiking Group, which is composed of people worldwide. This group brings hundreds of expats, among others, together as they explore the region while becoming friends. The hiking group is open to anyone traveling in the area. She has extensive knowledge of the region, its geography, its people and culture. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and of course French being her native language.

Isabelle has been with The Vagabond since the very beginning.  Having met Mary over 15 years ago, on the” maiden voyage” of The Vagabond, they have shared many happy and hilarious moments along the way.


Having grown up in Spain, Gloria was always interested in interior design. After finishing her Master’s degree in Art History, she was lucky enough to work for the Spanish fashion brand LOWE- first as an intern at the private archives and museum and later as a part of their PR team. It was then that she started her Instagram account and blog in her spare time. Thanks to these platforms she was able to connect with hundreds of people in the interiors industry, specifically in London where she is currently based. It has allowed her to find a new career path. With almost 100,000 followers on Instagram she now works with numerous companies in the interior design industry, leveraging her knowledge and experience to help them in many ways: from marketing and social media to finding new retailers for their product to private sourcing and beyond- “I love connecting people and I am very fortunate to do it for a living now.” She has a passion for her home country and is delighted to share her insider experiences with us.


Ben has lived and worked on the West Coast of Ireland since 1995. He has worked as a rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, and hillwalking guide. With extensive experience in Ireland, he has also traveled widely to explore his passion for surfing. Ben founded Ben’s Surf Clinic in 2007. It is Ireland’s first, hand board and intermediate surf school. He has a strong passion for surfing and teaching other the skill. Ben has been coaching since1993 and he, along with his team, wants to provide you with the best surfing experience! Ben returned to college to study geography, history, and sport psychology, which has increased his interests in Irish History and Landscape.