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Join us on a voyage to uncover the hidden gems of design and culture across the globe, all while having the time of your life.



At the core of The Vagabond Travel Company is a fundamental belief: travel should be about both exploration and enjoyment. With her background in interiors, Mary helps our travelers uncover the best of each city's design and culture. These journeys aren't just trips; they're unforgettable adventures filled with joy and discovery.



Dive into the pages of "Found" and embark on an adventure where exploration and enjoyment go hand in hand. From undiscovered design marvels to the soulful heart of every place we visit, "Found" is your passport to a world filled with joy, discovery, and inspiration. Join us in celebrating the art of exploration, and let "Found" be your guide to uncovering the world's best-kept secrets.


Each year, The Vagabond Travel Company steps out to a slew of stunning adventures. Since we make friends wherever we go, each unique trip is jam packed with out of the way places, and once in a life time space. Hit the stamp below to explore more.

“Thanks for such a great trip!  I'll never be able to do anything but boutique travel again!   We saw so many great things. I felt it was a total immersion trip! We saw so much of Ireland outside of the tourist traps, Mary you are the best hostess!"

Janine Pettit

Founder and Editor, Girl Camper

"If you are thinking of participating in one of  the Vagabond's Tour Groups, I am confident that you will have an experience like no other. Fun, friendship and adventure awaits."

Jane Smith

Houston, Texas

“Magic Mary, Thank you so! so! much for the amazing adventure that you graced us with in the great country of Morocco!  It was beyond my wildest imagination the adventures that unfolded every day and the magic carpet that we rode on.  I loved everyone on the trip and I’m so excited about my new friends, most importantly you!  It was truly AMAZING! Thank you! Thank you! Please keep me informed about the future Vagabond trips because I want to do another!!!! Lots and lots of love and gratitude!”

Hannah Gorman

"Traveling with The Vagabond International, with Mary Baskin, is like adding your new best friends, places & experiences to your life! Laughs, love & wonderlust! Can't beat it! #wordlywisdom #love #wonderlust #beyourself #asparklyhuman"

Mary Emmerling

"A trip with Mary is a fun adventure. The facilities are wonderful and you really get to know the countryside! You really experience things you could not do independently. LOVED IT!"

Carolyn Wimberly

Houston, Texas

"Mary is the Auntie Mame of travel! She's smart, funny and full of heart. Plus, she knows how to create incredible experiences you'll love!"

Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar

Founders of Maximalist Studios

"....If you are thinking of participating in one of  the Vagabond's Tour Groups, I am confident that you will have an experience like no other. Fun, friendship and adventure awaits."

Kim Hocking

Founder of KMH Interiors

"I have been to France and England with Mary and I am going to Ireland in September. Her trips are very interactive and so unique. We do amazing things and she is so fun and enthusiastic- loads of antiquing and experiences I will long remember..."

Peggy Walrod

Duxbury, Massachusetts

"I really believe I got to experience the true essence of Ireland, and if I could, I would go again and again, as many times as possible. Once you go, you can't get enough."

Mira Benthul

Waco, Texas



Interior designer Mary Baskin founded The Vagabond International in 2007, inspired by her trip to Provence and its famed brocantes antiques markets. Over the last decade plus, she has continuously brought small groups of design focused travelers to an ever growing list of destinations, from where it all began in Provence to the Souks of Marrakech. The ethos and backbone of the Vagabond experience is simple. Traveling to and exploring new places should be fun, above all, without compromise.

Mary’s ability to connect with the local insiders of each city, gives her clients an unparalleled access to the unique pulse of each destination. Her background in interiors allows her clients to discover the best of each city’s design and cultural offerings. All this combined with a large dose of fun make her trips one of a lifetime, Happy exploring!


Mary's passion for travel was ignited through her cherished moments reading National Geographic magazines with her grandmother, sparking a lifelong wanderlust. Her transformative experiences exploring Rome, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, and London in a study group cemented her commitment to global exploration. Drawing from her background in interior design and publishing, Mary founded The Vagabond Travel Co., curating unique, life-changing travel experiences that blend style, storytelling, and expert guidance to help travelers discover the world's hidden gems.


Our in-house Virtuoso travel advisor is at your service, ready to craft a personalized adventure that fulfills every item on your bucket list. The Vagabond Travel Concierge offers more than just travel expertise; we also provide exclusive perks like complimentary breakfast, spa credits, and upgrades at luxurious hotels and villas. From securing special airfare rates to arranging travel insurance, we've got all the details covered—so you can simply savor the journey. Discover the World with Mary, Your Personal Travel Concierge