Join The Vagabond Travel Co. and Cosmo Brockway as we venture throughout Istanbul to experience the enchantment of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. With private tours of Bazaars and Mosques as well as lavish local dinners, beautiful interiors, and astonishing views, you will get an inside glimpse of the culture of Istanbul and the warmth of its people.

Discover the Magic of Ireland

Join us on an unforgettable grand tour of Irish houses and gardens with bespoke tour company Vagabond Travel and leading interiors and travel writer, Cosmo Brockway, Contributing Editor, The World of Interiors and Architectural Digest.


This adventure will offer amazing experiences not found anywhere else. Enjoy breathtaking views on a morning cruise on the Strait of Bosphorus and lunch on an island. Dine in a forest restaurant high above the city after a visit to the Imperial Palace. Experience the crystal blue waters and bask in the sunshine of Istanbul.

You won’t want to miss this luxurious experience of one of the most historically rich places on Earth. Reserve your spot today! Contact theVagabond Travel Co. for booking and more information.

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Mary's passion for travel was ignited through her cherished moments reading National Geographic magazines with her grandmother, sparking a lifelong wanderlust. Her transformative experiences exploring Rome, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam, and London in a study group cemented her commitment to global exploration. Drawing from her background in interior design and publishing, Mary founded The Vagabond Travel Co., curating unique, life-changing travel experiences that blend style, storytelling, and expert guidance to help travelers discover the world's hidden gems.

“Thanks for such a great trip!  I'll never be able to do anything but boutique travel again!   We saw so many great things. I felt it was a total immersion trip! We saw so much of Ireland outside of the tourist traps, Mary you are the best hostess!"

Janine Pettit

Founder and Editor, Girl Camper

If you are thinking of participating in one of  the Vagabond's Tour Groups, I am confident that you will have an experience like no other. Fun, friendship and adventure awaits.

Jane Smith

Houston, Texas


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